Admission forms for the Academic Session 2024-2025 for classes Nursery, Lower KG and Upper KG will be available at the school's office from 16th August, 2023 onwards. !!

About Us

This seems to be the driving force when Shri R.N. Singh Memorial High School came to existence. The school was founded in 1963 by Ms Triveni Singh and Sri Ram Narayan Singh, great educationists and visionaries with the noble intention of catering to the middle and lower middle class students. We believe that one of the most important functions of school is to maintain the continuity of social lift by handing down traditions, experiences, values and customs of the society; from one generation to the other. The progress of the society depends upon the transmission of knowledge and skills from one generation to the next.

Our school not only transmits the cultural heritage to the rising generation, it also helps to promote culture and civilization. A. Cannon has said, "If each generation had to learn for itself what has been learned by its predecessors, no sort of intellectual or social development would be possible and the present state of society would be little different from the society of the old stone-age." Thus the school performs the important function constantly re-organising and re-structuring human experiences for the promotion of culture and civilization.

Our functions and responsibilities have increased manifold during the recent years. Its function is no longer the transmission of the knowledge of 3 R's As the concept of education has developed and become more comprehensive the school has to assume a more comprehensive role.

Now, the school aims at the development of the whole personality of the child. Education is now defined as all round development of the personality of the child, physically, intellectually, morally, socially and spiritually. Through its curricular and co-curricular activities, the school caters to the child's social, constructive, artistic and other impulses. Thus, the child not only acquires knowledge, but also develops the requisite habits, skills and attitudes. In this way, the school helps to bring about all round development of the child's personality.

To lead a successful life in the modern society the individuals must acquire social efficiency. In a democratic society, the children must be trained in the democratic ways of life through education and the school programmes are planned accordingly.

About School

Sri Ram Narayan Singh Memorial High School, an English medium school, affiliated to ISC, has been contributing to well timbered education and its cause for almost 4 decades and instilling in its students ethics and an abstruse sense of duty to make them fine men and women of the world.

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